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Calls for your input on the way forward for ZSP

Calls for your input on the way forward for ZSP

July 29 2017 – GIVEN the popularity of in SA, and our interaction with Zimbabweans from all spheres of life, we have been tasked to compile a list of what Zims In SA, would like to see happen when ZSP expires.
Unfortunately we are not at liberty at this point to say by whom, Except to say that this is NOT a HOAX, but from a KEY stakeholder, who is involved in making/influencing the decision.
Pliz visit our FaceBook page, ZimsInSA ZimsInSA and post your contribution as a  current ZSP holder, OR someone who is still awaiting a decision even till now OR someone who didnot take up the offer but would like to regularise their stay in SA, so that YOUR contribution could be presented DIRECTLY to the Minister of SA Home Affairs.
We anticipate that they may be haters, as is always the case in life, and therefore we would like to emphasise that if you think this is a hoax, its entirely up to you at the end of the day as people are not being forced or COMPELLED to give their input.
Please note we are NOT claiming to HAVE the solution but are COMPILING information for a solution.
But if you don’t want to miss out on this very RARE opportunity to express your views on a way forward, that is mutually beneficial to ALL concerned, write your contribution directly on our FB wall, for it to be incorporated by August 2 2017. 
Also pliz FOLLOW our website on FB for authentic updates on the matter, as December fast approaches.
Pliz also pass this message on to your NETWORKS, friends, relatives etc,
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