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Zuma is an easy target – because the truth hurts

By Maynard Manyowa October 19 2017 – PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma makes the news every other day. And not because he is the head of state, no. He hogs the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Frankly speaking, he does not hog it at all, the limelight is hogged by others and turned on him. Bar President Donald Trump, it is ... Read More »

SA must also legalise non ZSP holders

by Butholezwe Nyathi September 14 2017 – MIGRANT Workers’ Association-SA (MWA-SA) is grateful but is not fully satisfied with the decision by the South African government to limit the extension of permits to the holders of Zimbabwe Special Permits (ZSPs) only. Throughout our engagements and interaction with the process since 2010, we have believed that the process of granting permits sought ... Read More »

Kwese outer turns Zims into a nation of social media addicts?

By Brian Sigauke September  02 2017 – THE Zimbabwean home entertainment scene has been dealt a severe blow by the  denial of a operating for  Kwese TV by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). Currently  Zimbabweans  have two options,  ZTV, which is free and government owned  and DSTV which is paid per view and privately owned. But the problem is ... Read More »

Are Zim opposition parties genuine?

August 10 2017 –  ONE  cannot help but notice the mushrooming of a number of political parties and movements including independent candidates. With this in mind you ask yourself are these so called opposition movements the real deal or a waste of time. Some have been coined ‘Zanu PF projects’ whose sole aim is to split the votes and destabilise ... Read More »

Remembering Umdala Wethu Joshua Nkomo

28  June 2017 – AS we enter the month of July, we at would like remember former Zimbabwean second vice president, Joshua Nkomo, with the excerpt below from DailyNews Live: THE  son of a wealthy preacher and a cattle rancher, Joshua Nkomo, turned his back on a life of privilege to lead a left-wing revolution in Rhodesia that endured for ... Read More »

Zimbabwe’s 2018 elections dark horse – Nkosana Moyo

by Mario Wuragu Moyo June 10 2017 – IT IS no secret that Zimbabwe is at crossroads. The country has an almost non existent  infrastructure. Its roads resemble disused mines with potholes become the norm in almost all roads in the country. Hospitals have no medicine and banks have no cash. I can go on  about the list of failures by ... Read More »

Africa yearns for a new generation of leaders

May 29 2017 – THE African Democrats (TAD), a bonafide Zimbabwean political party, joins the rest of the continent in commemorating Africa Day amid rising global inequality, political and religious conflicts, collapsing to non-existent infrastructure and ballooning unemployment rates throughout the region. Africa Day, recognised every year on May 25, should present an opportunity to all Africans (old and young) ... Read More »

Plan B – Journey back to the Motherland

Feburary 19 2017 – THERE are  an estimated five million Zimbabweans in diaspora – the largest  number of immigration movement from Zimbabwe under the black rule as compared to that during the minority white regime. TAD believes in strengthening the pillars of democracy in Zimbabwe through the revival of a healthy civic society, chapter 9 like institutions and the right ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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