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Zanu PF’s quest for a Diaspora province

Zanu PF's quest for a Diaspora province

Zanu PF’s quest for a Diaspora province By Kennedy Mapesa Mandaza (ZANU PF SA Secretary for Information and Publicity) THE mere existence of recognized Zanu PF structures in South Africa, United Kingdom and United States of America is testament that  the party embraces the rights and virtues of the their membership in the diaspora. These external structures are slowly participating ... Read More »

A tribute to Paul Chimhosva Go Well

A tribute to Paul Chimhosva Go Well-zimsinsa

l MET  Paul Rumema Chimhosva for the first time in 2001 in Johannesburg’s high-rise suburb of Hillbrow. Chimhosva was  looking for  Munyaradzi Gwisai who I had just dropped at a hotel in Johannesburg after a meeting. Initially  I did not even bother to look at his face when he walked to my car window to ask where Gwisai was. I ... Read More »

2018 Elections Diasporans are game changers

2018 Elections Diasporans are game changers

By Mario Wuragu Moyo Zimbabwe Diaspora Vote Coalition Information and Publicity 30 December 2016 – FOLLOWING a rapid decline in Zimbabwe’s economy, which resulted in massive company closures, most Zimbabweans have over the years have been forced to leave the country for greener pastures. Although this has been a very noble idea because diasporians have actually helped to feed millions ... Read More »

Fire Justice Rita Makarau and dismantle ZEC

Congratulations to Independent candidate Themba Mliswa for contesting and winning the hotly contested Norton constituency by-election, opening a new page in Zimbabwe’s history. We give our thanks to the cogent MDC T supporters and all anti-Zanu voters. We hope Hon Mliswa has fully repented and now a born again politician, as this is his chance of proving, the doubting Thomas’s ... Read More »

G40 a faction now in the deep end?

A DAY is a very long time in politics. Yesterday (01 November, 2016), Zimbabwe’s Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education threw the mother of all tantrums. A long scathing plethora of accumulated threats to sue every key influential figure in government. From fellow cabinet member, Minister Chris Mushowe, to President Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba, all the way to Herald Editor ... Read More »

Zimbabweans in South Africa should start preparing to go home and vote in 2018

The MDC T SA Provincial council, which was recently held Bloemfontein  gave the leadership in South Africa a fresh and renewed mandate to implement visibility  party programs with synergy, where I as provincial organ have immediately embarked on a country wide tour of  visiting party structures  and  meeting people  as  the leader of  a mobilisation and recruitment team on the ... Read More »

Installing pre paid water meters in Harare, not a good idea

PRE-PAID  water meters have always been unpopular with Harare’s  residents, however  the decision to install prepaid water meters has been done without consulting residents. Citizenry participation is very important given that the council is a board which represents the residents and decisions should come from residents then they are tabled before the council for consideration before being implemented. Therefore by ... Read More »

Zim’s opposition and the grand coalition feasibility                                   

By William Muchayi IN  HIS  grand master masterpiece, Dancing with the Devil: Perils of Engaging Rogue Regimes, Michael Rubin challenges the wisdom of engaging in dialogue with the unwilling under the pretext of progress while being informed by the flawed illusion that it never hurts to talk. In contrast, as Rubin concludes,  this gesture does hurt, for, it is as ... Read More »

Zuma and the constitutional crisis

by Mbuyiseni  Ndlozi WHEN  we start undoing the supreme law, we are essentially undoing the country, rendering it into a state of nationlessness. What makes us a unit, a nation, what makes us “South Africa”, is the supreme law. Those who violate it offend our nationhood. When asked by members of the media during an EFF Press Conference following the Nkandla ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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