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Installing pre paid water meters in Harare, not a good idea

PRE-PAID  water meters have always been unpopular with Harare’s  residents, however  the decision to install prepaid water meters has been done without consulting residents. Citizenry participation is very important given that the council is a board which represents the residents and decisions should come from residents then they are tabled before the council for consideration before being implemented. Therefore by ... Read More »

Zim’s opposition and the grand coalition feasibility                                   

By William Muchayi IN  HIS  grand master masterpiece, Dancing with the Devil: Perils of Engaging Rogue Regimes, Michael Rubin challenges the wisdom of engaging in dialogue with the unwilling under the pretext of progress while being informed by the flawed illusion that it never hurts to talk. In contrast, as Rubin concludes,  this gesture does hurt, for, it is as ... Read More »

Zuma and the constitutional crisis

by Mbuyiseni  Ndlozi WHEN  we start undoing the supreme law, we are essentially undoing the country, rendering it into a state of nationlessness. What makes us a unit, a nation, what makes us “South Africa”, is the supreme law. Those who violate it offend our nationhood. When asked by members of the media during an EFF Press Conference following the Nkandla ... Read More »

 A Letter From Zimbabwe After the Rand Fell

The rand was in free-fall after the axing of Nhlanhla Nene, former finance minister, and although it’s now in recovery the impact is still being felt in neighbouring Zimbabwe. TENDAI MARIMA reports.On the streets of Zimbabwe, the rand is falling. Thanks to South African President Jacob Zuma’s surprise firing of Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene last week the rand has tumbled ... Read More »

Succession heatwave grips Zim and Zanu PF

ZIMBABWE’s party-state conflation and its attendant dangers have never been as evident as it is now. Over the years, Zanu PF have done a good job making sure that their party Zanu PF is synonymous with and conflated to the state. It is trite that politburo decisions supersede cabinet decisions. In other terms, Zanu PF and its s leadership have ... Read More »

The value of Diasporans to the Zim economy

By Ken Mufuka BROTHER  Minister Patrick Zhuwao made a statement that in seeking for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), we should look first to our own Zimbabweans in the diaspora. He was merely stating an obvious fact. While his proposal is worth looking into, there is a lot of house cleaning that needs to be done. I shall refer to that ... Read More »

Zuma third term or a female president: What’s the “premier league’s” game plan?

By RanjeniMunusamy Comments recently  by the new ANC Youth League president Collen Maine have reintroduced the idea of a third term for President Jacob Zuma as leader of the ruling party. Talk about Zuma staying on for another term had subsided after the ANC Women’s League, backed by a powerful lobby known as the “premier league”, indicated it would campaign ... Read More »

Zim’s mineral wealth- From Purse to Curse

by MDC President Welshman Ncube FOR  those of you, like me, with a deep interest in the subject of political economy, will remember the phrase ‘resource curse’. A quick reference to Wikipedia will tell you that the term “was first used by Richard Auty in 1993 to describe how countries rich in natural resources were unable to use that wealth ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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