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Hope wins over despair in SA

May 28 2018 -THIS last week saw the publication of several opinion pieces examining President Cyril Ramaphosa’s first one 100 days in office, with most of the media following their urban middle-class constituencies in generally giving him a thumbs-up. However, for many who were anxiously awaiting the end of former President Zuma’s reign, the promised land still appears to be ... Read More »

Khupe versus Chamisa and the reality of a populist movement

April 25 2018 – THIS article argues that the MDC-T does not share the democratic values it demands from government and from ZANU PF. It is the putative advocate for, rather than bona fide practitioner of, democratic governance and constitutionalism. These central tenets of the MDC-T’s advocacy narrative cannot be found within its own political culture. High level contestations pitting ... Read More »

Abuse of Zim travellers continues at Beitbridge Border Post

March 19 2018 – REPORTS of Zimbabweans being ill treated and being subjected to inhumane treatment by SA immigration officials continue to surface. One Zimbabwean traveller who was travelling with her teenage daughter to Zimbabwe, using the border post, claims Zimbabweans are being made to queue in a cage, while a reader who wants to remain anonymous, has sent various ... Read More »

In memory of President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai

by Mutsa Murenje February 19 2018 – ON February 15, 2018, I got up to the news that our dear leader, President Morgan Tsvangirai, of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) had passed on the previous night. As is my custom, I had gotten up to do some reading on developments in our country and around the globe. I had ... Read More »

Chamisa remains the people’s choice

Zimbabweans in SA and the world at large stand capitivated at the political drama that unfolds at Harvest House, over Tsvangirai’s succession, which seems to have sucked in the ailing leader’s family, below is an article analysing the situation. DISCLAIMER: This article does not reflect this website’s editorial policy or that of its staff but is the writer’s individual opinion. ... Read More »

Outrage over Trump justified: A response to Trump rage ignores truth

By David T Hofisi January 16 2017 – THIS is a response to the article by Sisonke Msimang (the writer) titled Trump rage ignores the truth. That article portrays outrage at Trump’s remarks regarding predominantly black countries as ‘the folly of victimhood’ and ‘a disappointing reminder that outrage can be addictive even when it is wholly ineffectual.’ My considered view ... Read More »

Why I left MDC T, former SA youth leader speaks out

January 09 2018- WHILE calls for MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai to step down over concerns of his health, the New Year, which is incidently is an election year, has started out badly for the Party, with public resignations of former celebrities like the UK based Eric Knight of one of Tsvangirai’s loyalists and former SA Youth Chair, PE based Shelton ... Read More »

Towards a New Democratic Order

December 16 2017 – THE recent events leading to the fall of Robert Gabriel Mugabe from office opened a completely new chapter in Zimbabwean politics and somehow it is up to the people of Zimbabwe to decide on how to handle the present in order to influence the creation of a sustainable future. For 37 years the country had one ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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